Report: Apple’s ‘iPhone 6’ heads to mass production

Mass production on Apple’s next iPhone is likely to begin very soon. This comes as the “iPhone 6” exits the product validation test (PVT) stage, according toChinese media (via G for Games).
According to the Wednesday report, Foxconn sources have confirmed that the testing phase on the iPhone 6 is almost complete. This is the process when “the assembly line is ran at full speed in order to detect any potential issues that may hinder the assembly process.” Hereafter, “the iPhone 6 will then enter mass production, just in time for its official unveiling.”
In recent days, new images have leaked purportedly showing parts for the next iPhone. They suggest the new device could have a protruding camera, embedded logo, and more.
This news comes a day after Bloomberg said that production has begun on the “iPad Air 2″ and “Retina iPad mini 2.”

Apple is likely to announce its next handset on Tuesday, Sept. 9. New iPads probably won’t be unveiled until later in the year. — AppAdvice

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