16 Times When Brian Showed Off His Amazing Style


And the award for Most Stylish Single goes to … #TRUNZTIME!

The owner of Soho’s Carson Street Clothiers (tour the store HERE) is a master in the art of downtown dressing, and every day he can be spotted sporting an Instagram-worthy
ensemb that’s tailored and high-end with a dash of the unexpected. A
little something extra that makes Brian stand out among the other edgy
prepsters looking for love in the big city. We’ve assembled 16 of his
most amazing fashion moments for your viewing pleasure.

1. #TBT: Brian’s sartorial skills began in early childhood.

2. Bri Guy loves prints, which is why he rocked this palm print jacket.

3. Brian knows that if you have a good piece, it’s OK to wear it again.


4.  Oh you thought your plaid suit was on point? You’re wrong. This plaid suit is on point.

5. Showing off his old-school kicks.

6. Missoni man bag? Check.

7. New Balance? Stacked bracelets? Check, and check.

8. Brian doesn’t need smoke to disguise bad outfit. He uses it to enhance the sartorial steez. 

9. Is a cigarette Brian’s favorite accessory?

10. “Hey girl, I’m your Ryan Gosling substitute.”


11. Accepting his “Most Stylish Single” trophy.


12. Brian looks so great other men were following him begging hard for advice!


13. Casual. Cool. Clean-shaven.


14. Stripes!


15. Even his beverage is coordinated to his tie tone. 


16. Brian’s style game so good, everyone copies it. Twins!


Hungry for more Brian style ‘grams? Be sure to check out his awesome Tumblr gallery, where he documents his sick style (not to mention sexy selfies).

The Singles Project

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