Sorry Apple, but Wellograph is the world’s first sapphire crystal smart watch — AppAdvice

Wellograph, Inc.
has announced the availability of the world’s first smart watch with a
sapphire crystal display. Wellograph combines an activity tracker,
strapless heart rate monitor, and running watch to provide visual data

It is the only device that reads the users’ pulse all day, records
resting, high/low and average heart rate, and is the first to provide
summary modes that give users an overview of data.


Unlike other smart watches, Wellograph supports all three major
platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. It can also
function independently, storing up to four months of data internally.
The device boasts a seven-day battery life.


Wellograph is priced at $349 and is available in silver satin and black chrome. You can purchase it through the Wellograph store or Amazon.

Wellograph will also be available in Microsoft stores in mid-September.

With news that Apple’s “iWatch” might not be available until next year, Wellograph may be arriving on the market at the perfect time, although its premium price might turn off a few would-be users.

We’ll be receiving a Wellograph very soon for review

– AppAdvice

via Blogger


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