Tim Cook says the rumor mill doesn’t know about all Apple products in the works

Tim Cook says the rumor mill doesn't know about all Apple products in the works

In this day and age, we tend to assume that everything
leaks; or, at the very least, everything gets rumored, but that isn’t
really true. The big stuff, the major products that are inevitably
coming to market will get rumored and leaked, but every company has
plenty of other products in the pipeline that we never learn about,
including Apple. Tim Cook took the time to remind us of this in a recent
interview with Charlie Rose, during which he spoke on a number of
topics, including Steve Jobs, the future of TV, and the competition with

When speaking to Rose, Cook said, “There are products
we’re working on that no one knows about, yes — that haven’t been
rumored about yet.” This isn’t exactly a surprise, there are always
products in every company that are tested or “kicked around” as Cook
says. Some of those products go on to great futures, some don’t do so
well in the market, and some never make it out of research &
development. Obviously, we can’t say what Apple has in R&D, but Tim
Cook did hint that TV is still on his mind. 
A more aggressive
Apple TV system has been rumored for years, and Cook was coy about his
interest in going after the TV market, which he says is “stuck back in
the ’70s.” Cook was talking about markets Apple would like to get into,
but won’t, and he was careful to not include TV in that category. Many
other companies also want to be in the space, including Google and
Amazon, so Apple will face competition. And, Tim Cook did admit that its
biggest competition is Google, not Samsung, because Google is the
company that enables Samsung to do what it does. 
The Charlie
Rose interview with Tim Cook has been split into two parts. Part one
aired last night, but can be found in repeats throughout the weekend,
and part two will air on Monday.

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