Sony will sell a ‘premium’ memory card alongside its $1,200 Walkman

Sony will sell a ‘premium’ memory card alongside its $1,200 Walkman:

Never mind that Sony plans to spin off
its audio and video business. For now, the company is pressing ahead
with plans to sell high-end A/V gear, even if it’s not exactly sure
who’s going to buy it. According to the Wall Street Journal,
Sony next month will beginning selling a “Premium Sound” memory card
aimed at audiophiles that claims to produce less electrical noise when
reading data. All told, the 64GB SR-64HXA microSDXC card will retail for
the equivalent of $160 in Japan. So how much of a “premium” is that?
Quite a big one: A “regular” 64GB Sony microSD card can be had for just $29 on Amazon. Surely, then, a card this expensive isn’t for everyone, but Sony is betting at least somebody will be into it — specifically, the sort of audio geek who would buy its $1,200 high-fidelity Walkman. “We aren’t that sure about the product’s potential demand,” a Sony spokesperson told the Journal, “but we thought some among people who are committed to great sound quality would want it.”

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