Twitter sharing is gone in the latest iOS beta

It looks like there might be a huge change coming to the official Twitter
application for iOS. In the latest beta version of iOS 8.3, the option
to share content to Twitter is completely gone from the sharing sheet if
you have the official client app installed. According to a report from 9to5Mac,
the Twitter icon is missing not only from first-party apps like Photos
and Safari, but also from any third-party apps that use the native share


Now, this could just be a bug. It is always possible that the
developers inadvertently removed Twitter from the native share sheet.
But considering the lack of updates to the built-in iOS uploader, it is
much more likely that Twitter is working on their own addition to the
sharing sheet. After all, the social network has made a ton of changes
to its media sharing options lately. Now, you can upload multiple photos
to a single tweet and tag your photos. You can also upload animated
GIFs and videos, none of which are supported by the native iOS uploader.

Since iOS 8 was released, developers have been able to create their
own sharing extensions for iOS devices. Given how slowly Apple updates
the built-in sharing and uploading features for iOS, it would make sense
for Twitter to develop their own sharing extension. This would enable
them to add new features to the share sheet just by updating the app,
and would even allow them to turn on beta features for individual users.

What’s the downside to the removal of Twitter from the native sharing
sheet options? Well, if Twitter is creating their own share extension
and Apple is removing built-in support for the social network, it could
mean that users of apps like Tweetbot or Twitterrific
would still need to have the official client app installed on their
phones if they want to send out tweets from Photos, Safari, or other
apps. Those third-party client developers would have to build their own
sharing extensions into the clients to get around this limitation.

 — AppAdvice

via Blogger


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